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Transform Your Daily Drive with the BMW 3 Series

As described on the BMW website: "In 1975, BMW sparked a revolution with the 3 Series. And 40 years later, it's still the benchmark of the segment it invented. Forever evolving, its style and handling make it the most popular Series in the lineup." With the choice of three trims -- including the Sedan, Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo -- you'll feel like the BMW 3 Series was tailor made, just for you. Take a look at the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo in action in the video below.

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Can Sucking a Ginger Root Relieve the Agony of Car Sickness?

All that time your kids were suffering motion sickness in the back seat, could their nausea have been prevented by giving them ginger to chew on?

Motion sickness is triggered, physically, by the visual input of your eyes not matching up to the movement sensed by your inner ear. Why this stimulates the vomiting reflex, however, nobody will ever be entirely sure.

One theory is that the body believes it is poisoned, and is trying to vomit to expel the poison.

There are several ways to cope with motion sickness. Kids under 12 should be seated in the back, according…

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MotorWeek Goes Retro with 1991 Toyota Review

When it comes to stylish and eye-catching designs, Toyota knows their stuff. However, looking back at their vehicles from twenty years ago or more, you probably won't recognize them based on the styling! In the video below, the experts at MotorWeek dig up a retro review for the 1991 Toyota MR-2, Previa, and LandCruiser; we don't know about you but these boxy shapes give us a serious case of nostalgia for a time long gone. Take a look at them for yourself, revel in the "futuristic styling" and "advanced features," and walk down memory lane with us:


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What are Our Most Reliable Car Brands?

Every year, Consumer Reports surveys subscribers about their experiences with their cars. The idea is to learn not only what vehicles drive well, and offer great features, but which are most reliable.

In their 2015 survey, two of our luxury brands came out right near the top. Any guesses on which they were?

Lexus ranked number one in reliability for the second year in a row (with the more pragmatic Toyota brand right behind it at number two).

This year, Audi moved up to number three in overall reliability.

At Autobahn USA, we specialize in pre-owned German engineered cars, and…

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Do You Leave Your Manual in Gear at Stoplights?

There are a few things you can do in a manual transmission vehicle that we can all agree will destroy your transmission. Not using the clutch when you change gears. Stomping on the throttle without shifting.

Actually, wait -- do those things! Did we mention Autobahn USA has a wonderful service center specializing in foreign car repair at competitive prices?

Just kidding. We'd much rather see you for regular maintenance to keep your pre-owned luxury vehicle running in peak condition, than to repair unintended damage.

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Audi's Super Bowl Sunday Ad is Breaking Our Hearts to Pieces

Ok Audi, we need to talk.

You're a luxury German-engineered brand. That's what Autobahn USA is all about. We love you.

But these commercials.

How do you expect us to drive if we're bawling like babies? First you made a commercial where, for a full agonizing minute, it looks like a lonely grandfather will be spending the holidays abandoned in his dark, snowed-in house. When his family arrived thanks to Audi Quattro, we were a puddle.

Now you do this?!

1) Another depressed old man. Why are you doing this to our feelings, Audi?

2) Reminding us…

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Remove Salt with Professional Detailing at Home

Your pre-owned luxury car's appearance matters to you. Unfortunately, as soon as the snow starts falling Boston area roads turn into a salty, slushy mess.

Not only does the exterior of your vehicle suffer, but your floor mats get covered with chalky white salt marks.

The good news is, those stubborn salt stains are easy to remove at home, with a few professional detailing tips:

First, find some regular old white vinegar (there is probably some in your cupboard right now). Add the vinegar to a spray bottle with an equal amount of hot water.

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Using the Right Car Seat Reduces Injury by 75%

When you're driving anywhere with your child, you want to make sure they are as safe as possible. Did you know that they are 75% less likely to be killed or injured in a crash when secured in a rear-facing seat?

According to trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Nance, infant's heads are the heaviest part of their body. Combined with a weak neck, they are unable to withstand the shock of a crash that throws their head forward.

A rear-facing seat support's head, neck, and spine, preventing serious injury.

Based on recent studies, the American Academy of Pediatrics…

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4 Ways to Cut Gas Costs

'Tis the season for a lot of driving, and a lot of spending!

The holiday season doesn't have to break the bank, however. Use these four tips to maximize your mpg and give yourself the gift of savings.

It's a good idea to start off with a base of an engine performing optimally. Get an oil change and other maintenance taken care of to see an immediate difference in gas mileage.

With your engine operating at peak efficiency, it is then all about making your car easier for that engine to move.

Lighten the load-- every 100 pounds…

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Have You Done These 3 Things to Get Ready for Winter?

Winter is gearing up to hit our Westborough, MA dealership. When the snow hits the roads, will you be prepared?

Eric the Car Guy lays down some advice based on his years working as a mechanic.

First, check your tires. Your tread must be at least 2/32 inch deep, but ideally should be deeper than that. The type of tires you ride on is important, too. Snow tires, or all-season tires are a minimum, but studded snow tires offer the best grip.

You can run studded tires in the Boston area from November through April.

Protect your vehicle from…

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