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Routine Service Offerings in Preparation for Spring

Start the Season Off Right at Autobahn USA

Each season brings with it a unique set of challenges. For most drivers in Westborough, MA, winters can be brutal. But as the weather starts to ease up, the blossom of Spring comes into full bloom with its own set of unique challenges. To help you prepare for the upcoming Spring season, we’ve outlined five essential routine maintenance services that should be atop everyone’s list this service season.


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Are You Looking to Sell Your Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle?


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Whether you're looking to upgrade your current vehicle, or make some room in your driveway, you may be stuck with the responsibility of deciding whether to sell or trade-in your used vehicle. Unfortunately, if you're considering selling it privately, you may not have the time to schedule meetings with potential buyers, or the patience to negotiate prices.

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7 Tips to Install a Child Seat Right the First Time

You've got a used luxury car and a brand new baby, and you need to know how to make the two get along safely. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has a few general tips to follow to get your child safety seat installed correctly:

  • Use a rear-facing seat for children two and younger
  • All car seats must be secured using the lower anchors, or the seat belt
  • Carefully read both the car…
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Can Sucking a Ginger Root Relieve the Agony of Car Sickness?

All that time your kids were suffering motion sickness in the back seat, could their nausea have been prevented by giving them ginger to chew on?

Motion sickness is triggered, physically, by the visual input of your eyes not matching up to the movement sensed by your inner ear. Why this stimulates the vomiting reflex, however, nobody will ever be entirely sure.

One theory is that the body believes it is poisoned, and is trying to vomit to expel the poison.

There are several ways to cope with motion sickness. Kids under 12 should be seated in the back, according…

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Do You Leave Your Manual in Gear at Stoplights?

There are a few things you can do in a manual transmission vehicle that we can all agree will destroy your transmission. Not using the clutch when you change gears. Stomping on the throttle without shifting.

Actually, wait -- do those things! Did we mention Autobahn USA has a wonderful service center specializing in foreign car repair at competitive prices?

Just kidding. We'd much rather see you for regular maintenance to keep your pre-owned luxury vehicle running in peak condition, than to repair unintended damage.

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4 Ways to Cut Gas Costs

'Tis the season for a lot of driving, and a lot of spending!

The holiday season doesn't have to break the bank, however. Use these four tips to maximize your mpg and give yourself the gift of savings.

It's a good idea to start off with a base of an engine performing optimally. Get an oil change and other maintenance taken care of to see an immediate difference in gas mileage.

With your engine operating at peak efficiency, it is then all about making your car easier for that engine to move.

Lighten the load-- every 100 pounds…

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Have You Done These 3 Things to Get Ready for Winter?

Winter is gearing up to hit our Westborough, MA dealership. When the snow hits the roads, will you be prepared?

Eric the Car Guy lays down some advice based on his years working as a mechanic.

First, check your tires. Your tread must be at least 2/32 inch deep, but ideally should be deeper than that. The type of tires you ride on is important, too. Snow tires, or all-season tires are a minimum, but studded snow tires offer the best grip.

You can run studded tires in the Boston area from November through April.

Protect your vehicle from…

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The Secret Life of Motor Oil

You know your oil is important. It's the lifeblood of your car. But where does it go when you're not looking? What is it doing inside the engine?

Here's a blow-by-blow of oil's journey from Castrol.

Oil flows to the bearings, and coats the crank shaft. It cools and cleans the pistons, and undergoes enormous amounts of pressure in the valve train.

Then it returns to the sump tank to start all over again. The oil filter removes any impurities the oil picked up on its journey through the engine, so it acts as a cleaner…

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Is it Time to Rotate Your Tires?

Mark from Chevrolet explains why tire rotation is so important. Though you would think all of your tire treads would wear down at the same rate, they actually wear faster in certain places.

Generally, the wheels receiving power wear out faster-- particularly if you like to peel out, making tire squeal and smoke. Even if you drive conservatively, however, uneven wear is a natural fact of tire aging. On a front-wheel drive vehicle, your front tires will wear faster. The reverse goes for a rear-wheel drive vehicle, like many of our German brands favor, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

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