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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

One thing is clear to drivers everywhere: no one knows luxury like Mercedes-Benz. The familiar three-point logo represents more than just a luxury automobile manufacturer. It represents comfort, power, and getting everywhere in style. Mercedes-Benz offers quality like no one else on the market. For Mercedes-Benz, anything less than the absolute best simply isn't good enough.

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The 2017 Audi Q5

There are a few pleasures in life that just can't be replaced. The feeling of sunshine on your face on a warm day. Hearing your child speak his or her first word. And of course, driving down the highway in an Audi Q5.


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Transform Your Daily Drive with the BMW 3 Series

As described on the BMW website: "In 1975, BMW sparked a revolution with the 3 Series. And 40 years later, it's still the benchmark of the segment it invented. Forever evolving, its style and handling make it the most popular Series in the lineup." With the choice of three trims -- including the Sedan, Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo -- you'll feel like the BMW 3 Series was tailor made, just for you. Take a look at the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo in action in the video below.

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