All that time your kids were suffering motion sickness in the back seat, could their nausea have been prevented by giving them ginger to chew on?

Motion sickness is triggered, physically, by the visual input of your eyes not matching up to the movement sensed by your inner ear. Why this stimulates the vomiting reflex, however, nobody will ever be entirely sure.

One theory is that the body believes it is poisoned, and is trying to vomit to expel the poison.

There are several ways to cope with motion sickness. Kids under 12 should be seated in the back, according to the CDC, but older passengers may find nausea relief by sitting in the front seat and looking out the front window at the road. Children 12 and under will be safer, and may also feel some relief, by buckling up in the middle seat where they can also look ahead out of the windshield.

Studies have also demonstrated that taking powdered ginger can be more effective than Dramamine at reducing motion sickness. One doctor even recommends sucking on the root itself -- though that sounds a little potent for our taste.

If your motion sickness seems to have sprung up out of the blue, perhaps suspension or steering system trouble is to blame. Visit our service and repair center in Westborough for a diagnostic check and fast and professional repairs.

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